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The tale of witches - The Secret Keeper

Phillip, a 16-year-old, has been lingering on the edge of the magic world since he was a child. The magic was the main reason he and his best friend Alexis had a fight and did not talk for years. As everything that lingers close to the edge, Phillip will fall in to the world he doesn’t know so fast he won’t even have time to scream.

Alexis, a 16-year-old witch, has been born it to the world of magic. She belongs to one of the larges houses of witches known. Powerful and hot headed red haired witch will soon find out that the peace between good and evil, the one that was lasted 500 years, is coming to the end. Alexis has always known she was different than most of the witches her age. At the age of 16 she already controls three elements and is capable to do things that even the older witches can only dream of.

The Evil has been planning and waiting for hundreds of years to come and clam what they think its theirs. It will stop at nothing and it will take no prisoners. They will cross boundaries that should not be crossed and infiltrate itself so close to the girl who could stop them once and for all. They will go that far as to possess and curse Alexis cousin and warrior just so they could stop her.

To save her cousin and try to stop the Evil in their plan Alexis will find help in most unexpected people. People who never had any connection to magic or Alexis world will start to gain powers that were long forgotten even in the Magical world of witches and warriors.

Phillip being pulled in the world of Magic, along his older twin brothers, is one of those unexpected help that Alexis and her sister need. Phillip will gain a power that has been sleeping since the last big war, make a connection to Earth and become the first Secret Keeper in five hundred years. Phillip, along with his brothers and two of Alexis best friends will find themselves in a secret world, that was hiding in the plane sight, that they do not understand, but fell in love as soon as they enter it.

As the young as being reckless and trying to stop what is coming, the old are having the hard time believing that the Evil is rising. They believe that Alexis and her friends are just having a wild imagination, until a battle with a Valkyrie princess Vigora happens on the May 1th on a popular camping site near the town. The display of controlled magic and elements shown by two young witches, Alexis and her sister Cora, pulls the older witches into realty of things. The war is coming and it is coming fast. Also unexpected gain of magic in teens who were not born into a Magic world and a rise of one of the warrior houses that has been lost, tells the old magical family’s that something big and scary is going to happen soon.

The secret keeper will bring magic closer than ever, introduce the reader to mystical world of controlled elements and show that the help to fight Evil sometimes comes from those you least expected.

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The tale of witches - The Secret Keeper

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